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$1.164 trillion

Size of the private global impact investing market (1)

$35 Trillion

Global Sustainable assets under management (2)


Percentage of millennials that are interested in sustainable investing (3)

6 out of 10

Millennial investors actively use impact investing strategies (4)


of those who haven’t yet tried impact investing say they do not know enough about it. (5)


 of impact investments meet or exceed financial expectations (6)

SOURCES:  1. GIIN 2022 Investor Survey,  2. Global Sustainable Investment Review 2020 (GSIR),  3. 2021 Morgan Stanley Sustainable Signals Report 4.&5. Fidelity Charitable 2022 Impact Investing Insights  6. GIIN 2020 Investor Survey

Align Your Investments with Your Values

Multiply your returns when you target finances and impact.

Defined as investments that generate social and/or environmental benefit alongside financial returns, impact investing is a practice that allows for doing well as you do good. Investment opportunities exist across asset classes and around the globe, and new options emerge each day as this field continues to evolve into a mainstream approach to asset management. 

We believe in a values-aligned investing approach that allows investors to consider the entire continuum of capital when allocating their portfolios to maximize their impact. From listed equities to private market impact investments, there are so many ways to unlock capital to solve societal and environmental challenges while delivering financial returns.

Impact Investing Think Tank® is here to help guide your impact investing journey.

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June 6, 2023

Learning from the Southern Opportunity and Resilience Fund

Join us as we gain insight from the Southern Opportunity and Resilience Fund (SOAR) results and ask how CDFI small business lenders continue to build momentum to support small businesses.

June 20, 2023

Opportunity Finance Network’s Small Business Finance Forum

Chicago, IL, USA

The premier event for mission-driven small business lenders, partners, and advocates.

July 13-14, 2023

Africa Impact Summit

Cape Town, South Africa

The Africa Impact Summit is the leading forum that is driving networking and impact investing thought leadership in Africa.